Wonder of science essay for students class 10th to 12th Essay and simple

Wonder of science essay for students class 10th to 12th

Wonder of science essay for students class 10th to 12th Essay and simple

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“Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the store house of nature”

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Modern age is the age of science. Many wonderful Discovery and invention have been made by science. It has made our life easier and comfortable. Science play vital rule in our daily life. With its help even impossible things have possible now. there are many wonders of science such as electricity, internet, computer, etc.


The invention of electricity brings and incredible change in human civilization. It Serves us in many ways. It lights our houses, rooms and offices. It gives us cool and warm air. It runs our machines, factories and workshops. The presence of electricity has removed darkness from the world.

Means of transport and communication-

Buses, cars, trains, ships and aeroplane are the greatest contribution of science. We can reach safely of any part of the world within a few hours. Science also developed a way of communication. With the help of telephone, wireless, email and internet the world shrunk into a small village. Using internet we can talk live with our friends and family members easily. Audio and video calls thought internet are the fastest mode of communication. The invention of mobiles and the internet has reduce the distance between people.

Medical science

Science has done wonderful work in the medical field. Many new medicines have bin invented. Many fatal diseases like cancer are cured thought science also, with the help of science. The functioning of warriors against in the body is checked by scientific instruments and diseases are correctly diagnosed.


Science has helped us in the development of agriculture. Use of fertilizers better quality seeds has increased crop productions. New tools like tractors, harvesters have modernized agriculture.


Computer is the wonderful invention of science. It is using in every field of life. It has solved many problems. Computers can do complex calculations and work quickly.


Science is indeed a wise use of these scientific invention in order to save the world from the evil side of science.

Science is a beautiful gift to homenity, we should not distort it “


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