Save water essay in english 10 lines on save water

Save water Essay

Water is the most valuable things for us. Without water live can never be imagined. Human beings and all other animals can not survive without water. Plants also need water to grow and survive us well. Human beings used water in different activities.

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Save water essay

Water is used in cleaning cloths and utensils . Cooking food items cultivating crops. Gardening etc.
Almost 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. But only a little amount of pure drinking water is present on earth so there is a necessity of saving water. Wastage of water needs to be controlled.
Water can be saved in many ways. There are 100 ways to conserve water. The best way to conserve water is rainwater harvesting. We can save water at home too. We need to save water from being polluted. A lot of awaren is required among people to save water from being wasted.

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Save water essay in 10 lines

Save water easy in 10 lines

1. Water is the most important and valuable natural resources on earth.

2. There is no life without water.

3. Animal and plants can not survive without water.

4. We totally depend on water for multiple purposes.

5. Water is used in agriculture for the irrigation of crops.

6. We use water for drinking, cooking,cleaning, bathing and other

7. Hydroelectricity generated with the help of water.

8. We all need to save water.

9. We have limited resources of water.

10. Therefore , water conservation is important to save life on this planet.

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