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My Hobby Essay


Hobby is an activity which we do in our free time. Hobbies play a very important role in our lives. They relax our minds and make us happy. They bring us. Oway from stress for some time and we just forget all the worries. They make our lives interesting and enjoyable.

Types of hobbies –

Deferent people have deferent hobbies according to their taste. Temperament and interest. Some of the hobbies are reading, Gardening, stamps collecting, painting, cooking, photography, travelling, etc .

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My Hobby

My favourite hobby is drawing. I always enjoyed drawing when I have free time. It has been with me since my childhood when I used to make random pictures, portraits with colours randomly. I have painted over 50 portraits till now. Painting rand drowning is something that makes we feel calm and creative. I also participate in vorious drawing competitions that are held in my school from time to time. I am extremely thankful for the skills that I always win rewards and applouse from my teachers.


Having a hobby that we enjoy doing bring us peace and joy. For me it is drowning. I wish to pursue drawing for the rest of my is my dream to become a true artist one day.


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