Mahatma Gandhi is known as father of nation. His real name is Mohandas karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2nd 1879 in the state of Gujarat in the town named porbandar. Who has added the name Mahatma due to their work. Gandhi’s is know as bapu.

Mahatma MahaMahatma Gandhi essayMahatma Gandhi essay

Mahatma Gandhi was biggest and great patriotic in India. His father’s name was karamchand Gandhi. His mother was putlibai. Kasturba gandhibag his wife marriage on 1883. After completing the metriculation, he want to London for further studies. The story of My experiments with truth, is the autobiography of Gandhi, covered his life from childhood thought to 1921. He was published in his journal navjivan.

Non-violence is the main weapon of Gandhi against independence, He inspired she will right and freedom across the world. So 15th June 2007 the United nations general assembly voted to English 2nd October as the international Day of non-violence.

Mahatma Gandhi has done his law in English and return to India in 1893. Mahatma Gandhi always believed that the education is the most powerful weapon in the world for the new generation to achieve fundamental rights. After his degree, He started his career as a lawyer.

The social life of Mahatma Gandhi began in South Africa. And he faced many problem. Mahatma Gandhi once said, the future depends on what you do Today” we can’t predict our future, but we can take step today. Mahatma Gandhi returned to India in 1915. He become a very popular as a father of nation. Many time he was insulted and tortured by White man, because the White man were treating bad of a black man means Indian.

He was a very popular and he is reputation increases so much. He was also popular as a leading Indian nationalist. Then he become a member of the Indian national Congress. He joined Gokhales group. Gopal Krishna gokhale is considered as the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi.

Many leaders got so much inspiration from the struggle of Mahatma Gandhi as a part of the independence struggle. Gandhi launched many important movements such as kheda satyagrah, champaran satyagrah, salt satyagrah, non-co-operation, disobedience, and quit India moments, the lifestyles of gandhi Ji was very simple. In 1921 Gandhi started to used Indian dhoti and shawl woven with yearn by using hand. The Indian spinning wheel show us Sign of India’s rural poor. He ate simple vegetarian food. The Nelson Mandela also influenced from the freedom struggle of gandhiji.

After Indian independence Gandhi tried to stop The Hindu Muslim conflict in Bengal. His birth anniversary is celebrated Aaj Gandhi jayanti in India, Gandhi jayanti is  celebrated to remember gandhiji’s sacrifice, place and non violence, every year Gandhi jayanti is feasted at Raj ghat in New Delhi, the prime Minister and the president of India gathers here to pay the tribute by offering flowers to gandhijis samadhi and sung his favourite song.

Gandhi died on January 30th 1948 godse shooted Gandhi when he was getting from Birla house prayer in Delhi. Once upon meeting, Gandhi was asked togive a message to the people of India.

Gandhi said my life is my message

He trying to spread truth and non-violence to Indian people. His life was inspiration for all Indians. Give a big salute to our nations for father, words is not enough to explain gandhiji’s sacrifice and values.

Famous quotes by Mahatma Gandhi

1. Nobody can me hurt without my permission.

2.  Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

3.  You may never know what result come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.

4.  In a gentle way, you can check the world.

5.  Permanent Good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence.




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